Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy 

Occupational therapists work with a variety of diagnosis right from autism spectrum, ADHD, learning disabilities to genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome and Fragile X as well as physical disorders like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophies. We also with children with difficulties with handwriting, sensory modulation disorders, picky eaters, global developmental delays in milestones , behaviour problems etc.

Occupational therapists will work with your child to develop:

  1. Cognitive and visual perceptual skills 
  2. Gross motor skills( climbing a ladder or manipulating a swing) and fine motor skills (which will help them holding a crayon to colour etc. )
  3. Participation or self-care skills (Toileting, eating, dressing)
  4. Psychosocial skills(Learning to play with other children) 
  5. Developing functional language and communication skills (in association with Speech and behaviour therapists) e.g.: learning to ask when they need or want something instead of pointing or throwing a tantrum.

All these skills will increase your child’s ability to participate in daily activities and school demands such as sitting for longer periods, ability to complete a task, ask for assistance when they need help, learning to play with children their age, self-care, routine building etc. All this will also, secondarily, reduce behaviour issues as most parents complain of having to manage.

What can an Occupational therapy session look like?

An occupational therapist’s room has equipment ranging from different swings, ladders and climbing equipment, games, zip lines, mats, big therapy balls, foam blocks, rocking boards, hoola-hoops . We work through play-based activities and target occupational participation for your kids. An OT session can look like anything from training your kids in toileting, dressing, wearing their shoes, eating or playing on hammocks, swinging on monkey bars. Often the therapist may conduct a group session for a few children together to work on social skills! 

Occupational therapy is a holistic intervention that looks at all aspects of functioning. At Walnut, we are 100% transparent in our service delivery. We encourage parents to not just sit in the room but also participate in the intervention and carry forward the same at home!