Behaviour Therapy

We often find that parents complain that they cannot make the child to listen to them. You may have also faced this issue and tried to overcome it by bribing them with toys, chocolates, tv or phone. But, these are only temporarily useful ways and over time your child may try to purposely engage in these behaviours to get their way. Children at good at knowing who they can manipulate and who is the strict parent!

This is where behaviour therapy comes in! It majorly focuses on the reducing problem behaviours e.g.: throwing, hitting or biting, low compliance, frequent tantrums and crying.This will increase your child’s compliance with you , because over time they ‘learn’ that you will not give up even when they throw tantrums.

Once problem behaviours are reduced we can focus on skill development, understanding and expression of emotions, cognitive -perceptual development and more.

In behaviour therapy, we train parents in established behaviour training techniques to change these behaviours and teach skills through: 

  1. Reinforcement 
  2. Chaining 
  3. Extinction 
  4. Modelling 
  5. Shaping

These are practised with the child through various interactive activities and goes hand-in-hand with Occupational and Speech Therapies. 

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