Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is derived from the word ‘occupation’ and mainly focuses on helping a person do what they want to and need to do on a daily basis.The main occupation of a child is to engage in play, explore the environment and eventually acquire skills so they can go on to successfully take care of themselves.

Occupational therapy focuses on developing:

  1. Gross and fine motor skills 
  2. Cognitive and visual perceptual skills 
  3. Participation skills (Activities of daily living skills) 
  4. Psychosocial skills
  5. Developing functional language and communication skills (in association with Speech and Language Pathologists or SLPs).

What can an Occupational therapy session look like?

An occupational therapist’s room has equipment ranging from different swings, ladders and climbing equipment, games, zip lines, mats,big therapy balls, foam blocks, rocking boards, hoola-hoops . We work through play-based activities and target occupational participation for your kids. An OT session can look like anything from training your kids in toileting,dressing, wearing their shoes, eating or playing on hammocks, swinging on monkey bars. Often the therapist may conduct a group session for a few children together to work on social skills!