How occupational therapists work for HANDWRITING?

Handwriting is an advanced skill that requires the coordinated application of visual, cognitive, motor and sensory abilities.

Occupational therapy intervention: 

• By assessing a child’s visual motor integration, visual perception, cognition,language development,  fine motor skills and sensory processing. This will identify the major deficits or difficulties the child has, which can then direct the therapies and interventions. 

• Improve endurance and physical strength by ensuring correct postures 

• Improve fine motor control( grasping/gripping pencil/crayon)

• Improve hand dominance and hand strength

• Address any issues in sensory processing (vestibular-ocular, proprioceptive) using multi-sensory approaches

•Improve visual scanning, fixation 

• Improve legibility of handwriting

• Utilize lines and spacing properly

• Promote better formation of letters and numbers, including steady sizing 

• Choosing appropriate adaptive equipment and tools most compatible with the child (e.g. pencils, pen, table and chair)

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