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Relationship Development Intervention:

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) is a family-based, behavioral treatment which addresses the core symptoms of emotional and social development in autism.  What are the primary features of RDI: Parents are trained as primary therapists It promotes flexibility in perceiving social situations, coping with change, forming emotional connections by engaging with others  It encourages child to […]

How occupational therapists work for HANDWRITING?

Handwriting is an advanced skill that requires the coordinated application of visual, cognitive, motor and sensory abilities. Occupational therapy intervention:  • By assessing a child’s visual motor integration, visual perception, cognition,language development,  fine motor skills and sensory processing. This will identify the major deficits or difficulties the child has, which can then direct the therapies […]

How much screen time is healthy?

Parents are suggested to expose their kids to various sights, sounds, smells etc. in order to facilitate development in the first 2 years of their life.  In the modern world, it is extremely hard to keep the screen time for kids regulated. Laptops, TV, mobile phones, tablets are all so easily available that every kid […]