5 Tips for potty training your special needs child

  1. Make a schedule of toilet breaks-Condition your child to sit on the seat after every 1-2 hours for a few minutes.This will train them to use the chair when they feel the need to go.
  1. Help them communicate the need to go– for a non-verbal child on the autism spectrum or with other special needs who cannot communicate the need to use the toilet, establish signs or make picture cards and teach them how to communicate that they need to go to the bathroom 
  2. Eliminate the diaper as soon as possible- When your child has the backup of a diaper, he/she won’t feel the need to tell you they want to go to the toilet. Usually when your child will start showing signs of discomfort when they dirty their diaper, this is a good time to cut down on diaper use and encourage them to sit on the toilet. 
  3. Positive reinforcement- Ensure that you make the whole experience positive and not tedious, so they learn quicker and don’t resist.
  4. Patience is key- Potty training takes time! Accidents will happen. You need to stay calm and not make them feel anxious during such a situation . Don’t be in a hurry when on the seat otherwise it may end up in more frequent accidents. 

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